You Have Been Asking…Keep The Questions Coming!


4 Season Storage’s Most Frequently Asked Questions Pt. 2

You’ve all been asking, and we’re here to answer your most pressing questions!
* Questions have been edited for clarity and length

Q: “Our move in date needs to be moved up or postponed, is this possible?”
A: Yes this is possible. Once you have confirmed your reservation and been sent a lease, we can adjust your move in and billing date accordingly. This has been a big one this year with Covid-19. We had a number of units set to be rented in May when the college year concluded, but things began changing rapidly and within a matter of hours people were moving in 2 whole months ahead of schedule because students would not be going back to school. We never rent out an already rented unit, so once your reservation is confirmed and you have the lease in your inbox, you can be assured that your unit is empty and ready for you for you to move in.

Q: “We’re here and we need more/less space, can we switch units?”
A: As long as we have the space available, you can absolutely switch units. In a perfect world, you would be sure of the size and type of unit you need but we don’t always know what we need until it’s right in front of us. Like I’ve said in other posts, our business is all about serving people who are going through massive life changes, and it’s our hope that we do everything in our power to assist you in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Q: “When will I be able to access my unit?”
A: You can access your unit 24/7 with your lock and key, or door code. We understand plans change,, or you get a burst of energy at 6 am on a Sunday. Therefore, your unit is yours and you have unlimited access to it. We have an enormous amount of trust in our customers because you have proven time and time again over 10 years of business that we can.

Q: “How should I update my card on file?”
A: Not sure if you have noticed, but we like to give you options.
1.Give us a call at 607-533-7333 to let us know of the change
2.Email us and we will send you an Edoc for you to provide the new info
3.Update your card on our website. Go to
-Push Tenant login in the top left side of the page
-Choose your location
-Create an account, or login to your account
-You will be able to make a one time payment or choose automatic payments

Q: “What is your move out policy?”
A: This one is in the lease, but I get a lot of questions about it anyways. It’s our policy that we provide the lock and keys free of charge, however this makes them your property so it’s your responsibility to remove them. “Occupant(s) are required to notify 4-Season Storage upon move out. All locks and keys belong to the Occupants and must be removed upon vacating unit”. Because many of our customers know of their planned move out date they call or email us to let us know, this is super helpful because I can unenroll you from autopay so you don’t accidentally get charged another month and it helps to be able to anticipate inventory. We don’t have keys to your individual units due to liability reasons so it’s super important to take the lock off for yourself.

Q: “Do you have recommendations for movers?”
A: We do and we’re always looking for more connections to movers, so if you have a company that you love, don’t hesitate to share! Reach out to us through email or phone call and we will provide a couple we’ve worked with for years and have always had great experiences with.

Here is the list of the 5 most frequently asked questions. We wouldn’t be here without you guys and we are so thankful that you trust us to store your belongings. Of course, we are always accepting questions at our email 😉 Check out our other FAQ page here, and our Facebook page here!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week for another blog post.